A Walk in the Park

Frank called me today in the morning to check up on me. I had left without telling him and he thought that something was wrong between us two. I reassured him I was okay and everything was cool on us. His work had off late been stressful and he needed someone to talk to.
Before I left home, I decided to go visit my elder brother, Ken, who lived at a nearby town. He had been married for fifteen years with three children to show if it. Although he was twelve years my senior, we managed to keep a close relationship with each other despite his work schedule and the fast lane he was living.
As I arrived, I was met with his kids. I had forgotten it was already a school term holiday when his eldest kid, Molly, hugged and tugged me towards their house. Molly was already grown up and looked like she could pass off as my sister. The other two kids, Amber and Andrew were identical twins aged six years. Christine, my brother’s wife welcomed me into the house and we started chatting. Ken gave me a hug and kissed me on my forehead. He was in a really good spirit and we ended up joking on how life had changed between us since we were all living together at my mama’s place. I went and helped Christine make lunch after which the kids begged we go to the park. It was really fun as the kids kept busy running around while the three of us talked.
I left his place in the evening back home feeling all good.

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