“Are you okay?” Fred asked after I cleaned up.
“I think so. How do you think Ann will react to this?” I asked fearing it would complicate things.
Fred came and sat next to me. “I think you should tell Ann everything that happened.”
“Okay. Let me send her a text and tell her to come straight home after work.”
Fred went and made us a cup of coffee and about an hour or so, Ann came home. She was on her mobile laughing but after seeing my swollen face, she dropped her phone and sat next to me.
“Kate, what happened to you? Were you attacked?”
“Where? You have to go and report this to the authorities at once!”
“I was attacked in the house. Mike attacked me.” I replied slowly.
I told her what had happened between Mike and I. Fred chipped in when I stopped to hold back my tears. She was silent for a while as she struggled with the news.
“Oh my God! But I just talked with him and he didn’t mention anything.”
“Wait. Was he the one on the phone while you walked in?” I asked.
“Yea. He said he had to go to his parents today. I thought it was weird as he hadn’t told me before but I let it go.”

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