No Sleep, No Gain

My mum woke me up today with a radio turned up on high volume after numerous attempts failed before. The classical music she had tuned in just did it. I lost my sleep.
“Hey wake up! Do you usually sleep like this?” She asked not amused.
“No. I’m just tired.”
“You need to wake up at this very moment. You have to prepare as we are about to leave.”
“Huh!?” I asked startled.
“Yea. We are going to your uncle’s place and you need to be there.” She replied and stormed out of the house.
This is one of the few things that I hated growing up. My parents had weird ways of surprising one with impromptu visits and trips. Apparently she had decided she missed her brother and decided to drag all of us in her trip. It wasn’t funny as I had decided on coming home to get some deserved rest.
I took a shower then headed downstairs and joined my dad. He was at his usual seat having coffee while reading the newspaper. I poured a cup of coffee and went to seat next to him.
“Morning.” He started.
“Hi dad.”
“How is everything?” he asked and looked at me. He had a way of knowing if something was wrong.
“It is good. Everything is okay.” I said.
“Did you manage to get a job?” he asked.
“Not yet but am still searching.” I replied.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you will be able to get one soon. Your mum is setting you with one.” He said.
“Huh? How is she doing that?” I inquired.
“You are going to know in a short while.” He replied and started to read the paper.
“You mean mum is going to ask her brother to help me out?” I asked wishing it was all a joke.
“Yes.” He replied.

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