Little Steps

My uncle’s place was near our home so we decided to walk over there instead of driving. The walk turned out to be fun as my parents started reminding themselves when they were still young and life was different back then.
We arrived a couple minutes after eleven o’clock and we were welcomed by my uncle and aunt along side their four year old kid named Michael. A cup of tea and some sandwiches were served to us. My mom started talking to my uncle in between the sips of tea regarding what had brought us to his place.
Peter, my mum’s brother was a lawyer with a well known firm in town. Although younger than my mom, he looked old than his age. I guess this comes with the territory of working in a profession like his. His wife, Lily was a marketer and she was beautiful. She was well kept and one wouldn’t even know she had a son.
As the conversation progressed, I heard my phone beep. I looked at it and saw it was Ann. I excused myself and left the room. I was nervous as we hadn’t spoken with each other since the incident and wondered what our conversation would be like. That all went down the drain when I heard her voice. She seemed in a good mood and she really missed me. Her work was going on well and although it was keeping her busy, she still missed some company around the house especially since Mike wasn’t communicating with her. I missed her too and it was good we got a chance to talk.
As I returned to join the others, I heard my uncle telling my mum that he could try ‘fix’ me up somewhere.
“Kate, your uncle has something to say.” Mum called out as I approached the room.
I sat down and listened to my uncle. He gave me some advice on being patient on waiting for a good job. He told me that he will try speaking with his colleagues so that they could at least let me know of vacancies. Well, that’s a start.

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