Back Home

I’m on my way home to see my parents whom I haven’t seen in about five months now. It has been a week since the incident and thought I should take a break from it all since things haven’t been the same with Ann and I. She has been more quiet and angry since Mike has never contacted her. Ann had confronted him over the phone and he hanged up on her. He hasn’t been picking her calls and the messages not replied. I guess she is still shocked with his behavior after trusting him over the time that they have been together. I thought I should give her some space to think about all of this through.
After about two hours on the road, the bus ascends to the bus station which is on the upper side of the small town. I alight and excitedly start walking to our house which is nearby. The house looks like it had undergone some renovations of its own as it has a fresh coat of paint and the front lawn looks marvelous. I proceed to knock on the door but no one answers it. I get a hold of my key and let myself in. I see my mum in the back yard feeding the cat. She is shocked at first but she smiles and hugs me.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming? I could have made you something special.” She asks smiling.
“I didn’t want you to get so worked up about me coming home.”
“Worked out about what? It is really nice to have you home Kate and I wouldn’t mind. Your dad and I had started wondering why you were not coming home as you used to.”
“I’m sorry mum. I was busy with a few things.”
She led me inside the house and served me tea with some pancakes she had cooked earlier. It seems we have a lot of catching up to do as she hasn’t stopped asking questions.

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