Wierd Faces

Still in bed, I watch as Ann is preparing herself to go for work. She is reporting to work today officially to start her new job. Odd enough, she has completed preparing herself so she has some time to waste before hitting the road. She looks at me and smiles.
“Wish me the best, pal.” She pleads.
“I do. This is your day and everything will go on smoothly.”
“I hope so. I’m really nervous!”
“I know. Just be strong and everything will be okay.” I respond holding her hand.
“Thanks. I have to go now least I become late.” She says picking her bag.
I decide on getting up from the bed and seeing her off. I put on my robe and walk with her to the door. Ann hugs me and dashes off the house.
After she has left, I look around the house and it’s a mess. You could be mistaken thinking a tornado had erupted in the house. I decide to clean up.
At around two o’clock, I heard my phone beep. I look at it and see Fred’s number calling. Excitedly, I pick it up and answer.
“Hey, how are you today?” He asks.
“I’m good, thank you for asking. What about you?”
“I’m cool just chilling. What are you doing at the moment?”
“Nothing much. I have just completed doing some cleaning around the house. I wanted to go and apply for some jobs at the cyber café nearby.” I replied.
“Okay. Why don’t I come over with my laptop so that you can use it if you don’t mind?” he asked.
“Wow! You can drop by anytime. You will be doing me a huge favor.” I responded.
“See you soon.” Fred said before hanging up.
I returned to the kitchen to heat some food up but I heard a sound at door. I went to open the door figuring that Fred had already arrived. It was weird he would knock like that. I opened only to find Mike leaning on the door with a smirk across his face.

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