Sunday Lunch

Feeling rather lazy, I turned and looked at the table clock. It was already 9 o’clock and I had to be up. Mike and his gang were visiting us today after Ann had invited them over so I knew I had a duty to help out.
After a few minutes of deciding whether to wake up or spend a few more minutes in bed, I heard my phone vibrate. It was my mama. It had been long since we talked and excitedly, picked up the phone and we chatted. After the call, I started feeling homesick. Already four months had gone by since I last went home. I had to start thinking of visiting soon.
Ann was in the kitchen making breakfast. I joined her and poured a cup of coffee. I then helped myself to some pancakes already prepared.
“I thought we can make things easier today if we started making the lunch earlier.” Ann started.
“Okay but I thought we would go first to the market and buy the foodstuff.” I chipped in.
“I did that yesterday while you were with Fred.” Ann responded with a smile across her chubby face.
“What? You actually went to the market to buy the items alone?” I asked surprised knowing very well Ann doesn’t like those kinds of tasks.
“Yep” She said showing them to me.
“Okay. I guess the thought of having Mike around gave you some energy of some sort.” I added.
I started preparing the vegetables while Ann decided on cleaning the house. By around noon, most of the work was already done. I hit the shower and waited. The boys came over at around two in the afternoon packed with some movies. Mike had brought along some flowers for Ann while Fred came with some icecream.
To say the day was good was an understatement. We ate, joked, laughed together and watched two movies. Although Fred was a little bit quiet, he seemed to enjoy himself. This was a great way of stating the week.

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