Step Forward

Ann had been employed to work as a junior assistant in the Human Resource Department of the well know Peter Shmitz Public Relations Company. She was to start this coming Monday and she had started getting the jitters already. For a first time job, this was good since she had no previous experience other than internship at another company where we had all been. They didn’t offer good salary as of yet until after six months when they would review her salary. This was better than nothing. I was really happy for her.
In the meanwhile, Fred had asked me if I could meet with him at the West End Mall today. I was thinking in the lines of a ‘date’ although he didn’t want to say it. Being a Saturday, Fred had suggested we catch up with a movie and drinks. I didn’t mind. I really liked his company. He was funny, charming and I wanted to be with him.
Since we were meeting out in the evening hours, I wore a white top and jeans. I left the house at around three in the afternoon and we met in town before proceeding to the mall. At around fifteen minutes past four, we arrived and headed straight to the movie theatres. With different movies being shown, we chose a thriller. The movie was fantastic!
After about two hours, the movie ended. Fred suggested we grab some drinks so we went to a nearby restaurant. We got engrossed discussing the movie and some usual stuff before deciding to call it a day. It was already dark outside so we headed to the parking zone and Fred offered to drop me at home.
In about twenty minutes, we were already at my house. It had started to drizzle so I took some time before getting out of the car.
“I really enjoyed your company today.” Fred said as we approached to the stairs leading to the house.
I smiled. “We should definitely do it again.”
“Yea. Ill call you.” Fred said. “I have to run now though.”
“Okay. Thanks for everything Fred. Have a lovely night.”
He leaned in, hugged me then kissed me on the cheeks.
“Have a lovely night Kate.” Fred said and left.

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