I could not help smiling when I entered the house. Ann looked at me and she knew something was up.
“Oh, so what happened to you and Fred?” she asked jokingly.
“Nothing really.” I responded avoiding the topic.
“So how was the date?” Ann asked. “Was it good?”
“Yes Ann. I really enjoyed myself tonight. We watched a movie and had some drinks.” I said.
“I came home.” I answered smiling at her.
“I knew it. You guys have something going on.”
“We are not having anything Ann. I thought you were the one who told me Fred has a girlfriend who is out of town?” I explained.
“Yea..but things happen.” She added.
“They do but nothing happened. We just had fun.”
Ann looked at me and kept silent. I removed my shoes and joined her in watching a local programme.
“By the way, I was thinking of inviting Mike tomorrow.” Ann said.
“What time?” I asked curiously.
“He is coming during lunch hour. I asked him to come with his cousin and Fred.” She said.
“What?” I asked.
“Is there a problem?” Ann asked turning her gaze to me.
“No. It’s fine.” I lied.
The thought of having Fred over was already exciting me up though I didn’t understand why he didn’t let me know that he was coming over the next day. We will wait and see what this would lead to.


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