The Attack

“Hi Mike.” I started.
He didn’t bother to reply but he pushed me up against the wall next to the door and tightened his grip on my arm holding my body against the wall. He leaned close to my face so I could smell his stinking breath. Has he been drinking?
“Mike! What the hell are you doing? You are hurting my arm!” I shouted.
“Hey sexy!” Mike said licking my arm.
“What the heck are you doing?” I asked trying to free my arm.
“I know you want it.” He responded.
I couldn’t believe what he said. What was he up to knowing very well that Ann is my best friend?
 “Mike, am going to scream if you don’t leave me alone!”
I wished I didn’t say that as he noticed that the main door was wide open meaning if I screamed my voice would be heard from far. He shoved his right foot and closed the door. I shook his arm off me but he was too strong. I tried to push him away and slap him with my other hand but I couldn’t get any space between us. He tightened his grip on my arm so much that it was pinching off the circulation and I resorted to my last option. I screamed! Bad choice. He slammed his fist to my face and inserted his hands in my top.
Then someone knocked the door. Mike summoned me to hush up and started moving close to the door to lock it when Fred pushed the door in calling my name.
“Oh my God! What is happening here?” Fred asked looking shocked.
Mike let me go and started explaining to Fred that he was just helping out. I felt sick. How could this guy start lying about trying to hurt me?
Fred noticed the blood dripping from my nose and came over. I hugged him tightly and sobbed on his chest.
“What happened?”
“Mike…” I started in between the sobs.
“Mike, what did you do?”
“Nothing.” Mike replied taking a seat.
I just couldn’t take it anymore this time round. With all the pain and rage, I poured out the story to Fred despite Mike trying to cut me off. He mumbled something then left. Fred then gave me some tissue to wipe some blood which was still oozing out.

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