The Wake Up Call

Gosh, the sound of my roommate alarm clock is driving me nuts. Its 6.30 in the morning and the stupid thing is ringing continuously while Ann is still in sleeping in her bed.
My roommate Ann has an interview today with a local PR firm in town at 9a.m this morning. If she does not wake up now, she will be late. Living in the outskirts of the city, one has to beat all odds to make it on time.
 I met Ann while starting out in college over three years ago in the hostels. She was a slender, 5’6, had long hair and was bubbly. At first I mistook her for a senior as she showed me my room in the hostels. Soon after, I found out we were indeed roommates and taking the same course. I had found her annoying at first because of her care free attitude. Despite this, she was a really caring girl. She always changed the negative aspects in life into positives. This made her unique.
“Hey Ann, wake up!” I called.
“Ann!” I repeated.
“What?” Ann said turning and covering her head with the duvet.
“You are going to be late for the interview. You better hurry up as it is raining and you are bound to get stuck in the traffic.”
She woke up quickly as if she was being chased and headed to the bathroom. Five minutes later she was back already dressed.  I think this is the second time I have ever seen her in a rush to get dressed like that. The first was when her parents decided to come and pay her a visit and didn’t inform her. Ann took less than a second to change from a midriff top and shorts to a long gipsy skirt and a t-shirt.
She sat in front of the mirror and checked her face out. She combed her hair, applied lip balm then proceeded to pick her documents and arranged them in a folder.
Life has been hard for us ever since we graduated in May. Ann and I were so confident on landing a lucrative job after finishing up on our studies but so far we have been met with rejections only. After applying for jobs to different organizations without a single feedback, it slowly drowned to us that life was not that easy.
“Now where are my shoes?” She asked looking at me suspiciously.
“I don’t know!”
“You don’t know and you were the one wearing them yesterday?”
“I returned them to you. Check in your closet or something!” I said firmly.
“I can’t see them!”
I was getting irritated. I dragged myself and started checking under her bed.
“You blind fool. The shoes were under the bed!” I said pissed off. The stupid alarm had woken me up and now I was being dragged to search for her items.
“Thanks Kate.” Ann said trying not to smile.
“It’s okay. Now you have to leave. You are going to be late.” I said.
Ann took her bag and an umbrella, gave me a hug and left. I stood by the door watching her go down the stairs. It was drizzling outside and could see people trying to cover up. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. I know how much she hates the rain and especially today when she has an interview. I really hope this day turns out to be good for her.


  1. Anonymous

    hey! its always nice to read a good blog keep it up. im curious, what course did you ladies- rather the fictional ones in the blog major in college? did she get the job or?
    a peculiar kenyan.

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