The Party

the party

I had no idea how time is running out.
It was almost eight and we girls were still wondering what we would wear for the party. The thing is, Mike had not told us where the party was being held at or what the occasion was for. It was proving a little hard for us to dress for the occasion. I settled on skinny jeans and a purple sequined top. Ann was still deciding between two dresses she had picked earlier.
“I really like the black one.” I said to Ann when I noticed her staring blankly at the clothes.
“I like it also but don’t you think it is a bit short?” She asked.
“No. The Purple one is a little long. It will make you look like you are out of place.” I said.
Just then Ann’s phone rang. It was Mike. He was downstairs waiting for us to come out. I bet he was getting irritated we were taking a lot of time getting ready. He had arrived fifteen minutes ago to pick us up.
“Kate, lets go before Mike changes his mind.” Ann said picking her clutch bag and headed for the door. I followed and we met Mike downstairs.
After a few minutes, we arrived at Mike’s place to find people squeezing to enter the main gate. The front yard had been transformed into a dancing stage. The music was really welcoming with the speakers placed strategically at the edges of the compound. Drinks were being passed around by some skimpy dressed girls who kept their smiles in check.
“Ann, are you sure we are in the right party? This looks too good to be true.” I asked excitedly.
Ann started giggling and headed for the drinks leaving me still dumb folded. Mike came and took me to get some drinks. He explained the party was being hosted by one of his cousins who had just jetted in from abroad. His cousin had left the country eleven years ago and it was his first time back home.
“This is cool.” I said after being handed a cocktail.
“Yes. He wanted the best and we did it for him. Hope you will enjoy yourself.” He replied.
I thanked him and headed the direction Ann went. I found her dancing on one of the dancing areas that had been set up and joined her. I was doing my best moves when I heard someone excusing himself.
“I can see you guys made it?”
 It was Fred. I had been really anxious to meet him but the sight of him just made me go speechless. He gave us a hug and smiled.
“Yes. We couldn’t miss it. How have you been?” I said.
“Good I guess” Fred replied.
“Care to join us?” Ann asked smiling.
Fred laughed. “Definitely. Ill just grab a drink and join you guys. Give me a minute.”
As Fred was leaving, I couldn’t help smile. He really looked nice. I hoped we could spend some time together tonight. Just then Mike came and grabbed Ann from behind. She smiled and they started dancing to the music.
Damn, Ann and Mike can surely make one jealous.

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