The Accident

follow up
The party was great and I had a good time bonding with Fred. He was really fun to talk to and sure was a great dancer.
It was almost around two in the morning when I decided to go hit the sack. Most of the guest had already left and we were remaining only a few of us. I asked Ann if she was coming home but she decided to spend the night with Mike. So I went back and told Fred I was leaving. He offered to call me a taxi and ensure that I reached home safely.
I decided to go to the washrooms to check myself out while we were waiting for the taxi. I was just applying some lip gloss when I was interrupted by a call. It was Ann.
“Where the hell are you?” Ann inquired.
“What’s up?”
“I think you better hurry up and come back to the front yard.” Ann snapped and hung the phone.
I didn’t even finish with the lip gloss as I just picked up my clutch bag and ran out. My heart nearly sank as I found people milling over at the front yard near where I had left Ann and Mike. I forced my way to the front and saw Fred lying on the floor and Mike and his cousin were kneeling besides him.
“What happened?” I asked surprised.
“He just fell.” Mike replied not looking directly into my eyes.
“He just fell? I left him with you guys and he was doing okay!” I snapped.
“He fell and hit his head. I thought it would be better if I call for an ambulance. It is on its way.” Mike said.
I just couldn’t understand this. I spend the better part of the evening with this guy and he seemed fine. Then all of a sudden he falls? This is not right. He wasn’t drinking as much as I was so he couldn’t be drunk. Ann was shocked from all of this and remained silent. I looked up at the crowd which had gathered hoping someone could give us some assistance. Most of them had bloodshot eyes which made me change about asking for help. The funny thing is I didn’t know most of them despite having spent the better part of the evening.
I heard the ambulance siren from a distance and told Mike to go open the gate. In a few minutes, Fred was in the ambulance and I tagged along.
“We will be behind you guys.” Mike chipped as the ambulance started to move.


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