New Developments

new developments

I was just settling in the couch when I heard some noises outside. Ann was back.
She came in, gave me a weird look, threw her bag on the couch, and headed to the toilet. After a while, she came back and sat next to me.
“So how did it go?” I asked.
“Well I guess. I’m waiting for a phone call tomorrow from the company.” She said not taking her eyes off the screen. “What’s up with the dressing, Kate?”
I was still in my pajamas despite the fact that it was almost noon.
“What’s wrong with it?”
“What is wrong with it is that you are still in your pajama’s six hours after you woke up.” She asked concerned.
“It is not like am going somewhere Ann. I have been in the house since you left.” I said.
“Okay. So what you watching?” she mused.
“Nothing new. I was watching the last season of The Hills.”
“Kate, how many times do you have to repeat the series? Go and wash up. We need to buy some food. I’m starving!
“Can’t you go buy and come with it?” I said sheepishly
“Okay, can we just buy fries? I don’t feel like cooking.” I suggested.
“Fries it is. But you better hurry up or ill leave without you.”
“Give me five minutes and we will be on our way.” I said dashing to the bathroom.
We headed down to the fast food joint and ordered. Ann wasn’t in a really good mood. She told me that the interview didn’t go as she expected and was not optimistic that she will get the job. The interview was done in front of a four panel of crew who grilled her for an hour. She will have to wait till tomorrow to know if she has qualified or not.
We have been searching for jobs each day and it was getting tiring. Despite sharing the house and the shopping expenses, money was really becoming extinct and it wasn’t funny. This is not the life I wanted. I had seen myself climb the corporate ladder to a senior PR in the country. I had the paper, the confidence and needed just the basic experience which is also proving difficult.
Just then, Ann’s phone rang.
I decided to check my phone also as it was unusually silent today. I got one message. Damn, it is from the service provider. This is the only thing am getting this days. It is becoming too frequent nowadays.
Ann finished her call and beaming with delight.
“What’s up” I asked.
“It was Mike. He wants us to go to a party with him. Fred will be there too.” Ann said smiling.
Mike was Ann’s boyfriend. They met during our last year of campus but only started dating four months ago. Fred was Mike’s friend. I have been having a crash on him for the longest time but he was in a relationship.
“I won’t go.” I said.
“Why? I can’t go alone? You have been invited and you have to show up.” Ann demanded.
“But Mike is going to be there with you. I will be all alone drinking myself silly.” I admitted.
“Fred is going to be there. You will get to catch up with him. His girlfriend is out of town so he will be all yours!” She said.
“Okay. Where and when is the party” I asked.
“We have to be there at 8pm tonight.”
“Oh.” I signed.
“Yes. You better start thinking on what you going to wear.” Ann responded.
I continued with my food thinking how the night was going to be with Fred. We had met a couple of times though we didn’t get a chance to talk much. He seemed very talkative and outgoing. I didn’t know him very well other than he had been roommates with Mike in college and was a part time model with a local agency. I had always wanted to meet with him other than the usual ‘hallo’ when we met but this is already making me anxious.
What was I going to wear?


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