Morning After

The following morning, we rose up early and went to check up on Fred. He was released and given some medicines to take in order to keep his condition in check. From the hospital, Mike took us to a restaurant to get some breakfast since we all skipped it in the morning.
We took a seat at the balcony and immediately a waiter came and took our orders. Mike ordered a burger with Passion juice, Ann had tea with croissant, Fred took coffee and pancakes and I settled on Passion juice with marble cake.
The waiter brought our orders and we all dived in. After a couple of minutes, Fred asked us what had happened as he could not remember every single detail of the incident. Mike offered to tell the story. Fred was clearly in shock as he could not believe he went through all that. I looked at Fred and I noticed how frail he was looking. He looked tired and worn out.
Ann’s phone rang and she excused herself to go answer it. I got a chance to move close to Fred and asked him how he was feeling.
“I’m okay. Just tired” he replied.
“I’m really sorry about yesterday. Thank God you were not really drunk.”
“Yes. The doctors told me it could have been worse.”
Just then, Ann came back to the table.
“I got the job!” she screamed.
“What job?” Mike asked.
“The PR firm that I was telling you guys. I got the job.”
I now remembered! She was expecting a call today from the company regarding the interview she had done yesterday.
“Congratulations.” I said hugging her small frame. “This is good news.”
“We have been waiting for a job for a long time and God has answered our prayer.” Ann said.
“You are lucky.” I said sitting down. My prayer request had not been answered yet.
Mike and Fred rose and hugged Ann.
“So when do you start?” Mike asked.
“I have been asked to start next week on Monday. I have to be at the office by 8 o’clock.” Ann replied.
“Wow, all the best girl.” Fred added.
“Thank you Fred.” Ann noted.
After breakfast, we took Fred home to get some rest while Ann and I decided to go do some shopping on clothes she would be wearing at work. Mike dropped us in town and took the car back to his parents.

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