Follow Up

follow up

After an hour or so, Mike and Ann joined me at the hospital. They came panting through the door shouting my name. A nurse quickly shut them down reminding them that they were in a hospital. She then directed them to where I was seated and they came and sat next to me.
“How are you doing?” Mike asked.
“I’m okay. I’m just concerned about Fred. I haven’t heard anything yet from the doctors.” I replied.
“Kate, everything will be alright.” Ann said wrapping herself around me.
“I hope so. I just want to know what really happened and the stupid doctors are taking forever.” I replied.
“They will be here shortly. Don’t pressure yourself up.” Mike said.
We sat in silence for a few minutes looking at each other with nothing to say. I quickly remembered we were at a party and inquired what had happened after the incident. As expected, the guest had left the party to their homes after the incident. Mike had to take some of them home since it was at the wee hours of the night then proceeded to the hospital with Ann. His cousin had opted to remain at home as he has still high on booze.
One of the doctors attending Fred came into the room. He proceeded to let us know that Fred had Type 2 Diabetes and had fainted because of low insulin in his blood. Apparently Fred was not aware of the condition and had indulged in beer at the party without making sure he had eaten properly. He had stopped bleeding on his head when he injured himself when he fainted. He had been administered with painkillers and a jab of insulin to help him recover. He had to stay overnight for further checkup.
The doctor declined our request to see him so we had to head home and come back in the morning.

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